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It is all about a Dream

For many years Nick Sullivan had a dream of combining all of his passions; music, coffee, artisanal baking & cooking and community building.

In December 2022 he and his wife Paloma and twin girls opened nopa, making his dream come true. 


Nick´s love for home cooking began with his Grandma Griesbach´s warm and hearty slow cooking and Grandma Larson´s sweets and cookies from Norway. When he met Paloma as an exchange student in Oviedo, Asturias, he fell in love with Spain, its cuisine and Paloma. They moved to Brooklyn, where Olaya and Andrea where born, and where for more than 18 years Nick played bass professionally and learned artisanal baking and professional cooking at the International Culinary Institute in Soho. Since he left NYC he has continued studying baking, Asian cooking and has become a sushi chef.

What is nopa: Our love for a conscious community, slow food, artisanal baking, fine coffee and music is what you feel in every sip, in every beat and every bagel at nopa. No, nopa doesn't stand for a new hood in NYC like NoLita, SoHo, Noho or NoMa. nopa is a piece of New York, but it is our piece, Nick, Olaya, Paloma and Andrea´s.

And we would like to share it with our neighbors in our new home, Madrid. 
nopa is a space where everyone feels welcome and relaxed, where  you can experience amazing coffee and tea, savour the best bagels ever, listen to great jazz and connect. nopa is an upscale NYC experience in the wonderful community of Arguelles/Chamberi/Moncloa. 


Our NYC Style bagels are different because they are sourdough and have a long fermentation process which makes them crunchy, chewy, flavorful, and healthier for you. We take our time to hand roll our bagels in true artisanal style.


We offer the best specialty coffee and hand-made tea as well as other artisanal international baking goods like cinnamon and cardamom rolls from Nick´s Norwegian grandma, or scones and American cookies, all made with 100% fresh butter and olive oil. 

What we stand for: At nopa we are very conscious about our ingredients and recipes. We choose all natural ingredients of the highest quality and when possible from local producers. We believe in transparency, which is why our bakery is behind large open windows so you can see our artisanal work. 

We also want to contribute to create a conscious community and have social impact, that is why we want to use our space in service to our community. Which means that we host language and culture exchange programs, book clubs, “tertulias”, repair cafe, and other initiatives to create real and genuine connections.

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