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nopa in the News

Con Mucha Gula

Con mucha Gula has captured beautifully our story and our focus on quality, transparency and community.                                         Read the Article


El Pais

In this article El features nopa bagels and describes our focus on making artisanal and healthy bagels!                                 Read the Article

El pais foto 1.png

City Confidential

The first ones to discover our secret were City Confidential!  Read the article


El Pais

“They make me feel at home,” says an exchange student from the United States who is studying at the University of Comillas, a few blocks from the premises. These bagels are made with sourdough and slow fermentation and have the power to take back you in time if you have eaten one of these small bagels on the streets of New York at some point in your life.                           Read the Article


Time Out Madrid

In the Instragram reel Time Out shows how we make our bagels!                                    See Reel

NopaBagel_058 (1).jpg

Less than 3 months after nopa opened, published our torrijas and described them like the most original ones: "The most original [torrijas] are at Nopa Bagels, where they have prepared a warm American version with maple syrup, a bomb for the palate."                                                Read the Article

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